“Give Honor to Whom is Due”

In Roman 13:7, God’s Word gives us instructions to “render” which means to give, deliver, or pay and then it mentions several things. One of the things in the list is honor. We are to show honor to whom honor is due. Any one that uses their life to serve others is worthy of honor. Any one that gives their life in the line of their duty in service to others is worthy of honor. Memorial Day is the remembrance of those who have given their lives on the battles fields to secure and preserve our freedom and the freedoms of others. The first record in history of an official commemoration of those who died in battle was all the way back in 431 BC by an Athenian General. Following America’s Civil War, a memorial commemoration was organized by several freed slaves who sought to honor those who gave their lives to secure their freedom. General John Logan is known as the founder of our modern holiday of remembrance when he pushed for May 30th to be set aside as Decoration Day to decorate the graves of those who died in the Civil War in 1868. He chose May 30th because it was one of the few dates not associated with a particular battle. We should cherish our freedoms as Americans, and we should honor those who serve to protect our freedoms and especially those who have given the ultimate sacrifice of their lives. We should also honor those who serve in the Lord’s service on the front lines of the battle for souls worldwide. Today, we are honored to have a special guest who is taking the Gospel of Jesus Christ to a strongly Muslim country in Asia. I hope you will help me show honor to this worthy soldier of the cross of Jesus Christ.