Get Involved in Christ’s Commission

Everyone can and should be involved in the Great Commission. The reason every believer should be in involved is our Saviour commanded it of His followers in His churches, beginning with His disciples and the first century churches recorded for us in the Gospels and the book of Acts. Every saved person should be part of a biblical church that is involved in the Great Commission, and every member of every biblical church ought to be involved obediently in the Great Commission. Last week, we looked at the Adopt-a-Missionary ministry and how anyone can take part in this ministry of encouragement to our missionaries or any missionary. Last week, I sent an email to a friend of mine on the mission field of Zambia after I read his Prayer Letter, and he replied telling me that I am the only preacher that communicates with him regularly outside of his father who is also the pastor of his sending church. To me, that is sad. It does not take much time to send an email or a text or even to make phone call, we just need to make others a priority. Anyone can minister encouragement to a missionary and lift them up in prayer. The same is true for faith mission giving. Everyone and anyone can and should give to missions. We should give to help people plant churches in America, to reach the lost in unique places like the military or even prison, and to reach the lost in nations throughout the world, even in nations that are restricted to evangelization. Like any other noble endeavor, different people can do different things, but the more people involved the more that actually gets accomplished. We are not all able to give the same amount, but we all can give some amount. No matter how large or small the amount may be, when it is combined everyone helps to accomplish the whole amount of what is needed to support missionaries and spread the gospel around the world. Just like with the Adopt-a-Missionary ministry, Faith Missions Giving requires making it a priority and acting on a decision to get involved, but anyone and everyone can do it. If every person that gave to our general fund also gave to missions, so much more could be done toward advancing the Great Commission in obedience to our Lord and glory to our God. Let us one-and-all get involved in Christ’s Commission starting right now if you are not already.