Get Involved in Christ’s Commission

No one should do everything, but everyone should do something in Christ’s Commission to His churches and His followers. One way everyone can be involved in the Great Commission is to pray for missionaries around the world. In our church, we make missionary prayer letters available so anyone and everyone can take a look at them, learn about them, and know how to pray for them. Christians often say they believe in prayer and they care about the Great Commission, but how much does the average Christian pray for missions, missionaries, and lost souls. Ask yourself that question. How much time did you spend praying for a missionary last week? How many times in each of the last seven days did you pray for a missionary? How many missionaries did you pray for this past week? If you want help to pray for missionaries this church can help you get involved in praying for missionaries. Every Wednesday we publish a prayer bulletin that includes missionaries to be prayed for during the week. Each Wednesday we offer two services that give opportunity to gather together to spend time in prayer for many things including missionaries. We also have a ministry that anyone can get involved in called the Adopt-a-Missionary ministry, where you take a special interest in a specific missionary family to pray for them, reach out to encourage them, and seek to build a relationship with them. Recently, I have heard from several of our missionaries about how they are blessed by the church family of Summerville Baptist Church. One of our Missionaries emailed me saying that they were blessed by a couple in our church that calls them regularly just to let him know that they are praying for him and to see if he has any specific requests. In a phone conversation with another of our missionaries, I was told that Summerville Baptist Church is one of the few churches that communicate with him as their missionary on a consistent basis. Prayer is a vital, simple, and basic thing that every Christian can do and should do to make a difference in the responsibility Jesus gave us to be part of for His glory on earth. Get involved in Christ’s Commission to us all.