February 11th Blog

Friday night’s are spent outside the church handing out tracts and inviting the Marines to church. There have been over five hundred tracts to North Shore Baptist Church over the last two Friday nights. This last Friday we even had a couple of Marines, who had visited the church the week before join us in handing them out.

Praise the Lord. This Sunday we not only had the 3 Marines that came last Sunday back, but there were three new ones. John was able to lead two of the them to the Lord this week.

Lots of improvements to North Shore Baptist Church. Bro. Jellison and John have been busy.

A new platform, which Bro. Jellison and John were praying for direction for one. When they were in the hardware store looking for supplies, the Lord brought in a Missionary to the Japanese, who just happened to have and extra one. Praise the Lord. That was one big project. The platform was in pieces and very heavy. Bro. Jellison and John enlisted the help of a few of the church attenders a on Friday night to help.

Lots of fellowship with the Marines and a Super Bowl party

What an amazing day at North Shore Baptist church. We had more Marines join us today, and returning Marines from last week. After church adventures included game playing, shopping and an authentic Japanese dinner.

John got to preach on the midweek service.