Faith Produces Faithfulness

This week I heard a sermon about the productivity of faith. Faith produces actions of obedience and faithfulness to our Lord God Almighty. If your faith is not being productive, there is a problem. The problem is either with your faith, what it is based on, or in whom your faith is placed. People put there faith in all kinds of things and different people. The strength of our faith is not only in our exercise of our faith, it is also in the focus of our faith. Life is challenging and trials are normal for us all; it is faith that helps us get through those hard times with success. As we read the Bible, we find example after example of men and women who put their faith in the Creator God and His truth to find out that He was sufficient for their need. In Hebrews 11, we find the Hall of Fame of Faith and many of these people are recorded for their faith in the Lord and what their faith was able to produce in their lives. In real life, our faith is challenged on a regular basis. Satan wants to use fear to defeat us, limit us, and keep us from experiencing the greatest that we could enjoy in the Lord. Our fear collides with our faith every week, and it is the strength of our faith that will help us not become a casualty in those collisions. Each of us must ask ourselves about the productivity of our faith. What has your faith produced in your life this past week? What will your faith produce through your life in the lives of others this coming week? God wants us to trust Him for great things in us and through us by trusting Him greatly. He does the producing while we do the trusting as we make ourselves yielded to Him working through us. If each of us will trust God and His Word as we live through this coming week, we can experience Him producing obedience in our lives and faithfulness through our lives for His glory as a testimony of faith to all who live around us. Let’s see what faith can produce!