Doers Not Hearers Only

If you miss Wednesday nights, you miss a great spiritual boost to help you get through the week. The mid-week service is a great encouragement of fellowship with God’s people in your church family, praise to the Lord, communing together before the throne of God, bearing one another’s burdens in prayer, and a wonderful truth of Scripture of spiritual nourishment. All of this half way through your week before the next Sunday. Dr. Lee Roberson use to say the Christian needs “three to thrive”; three times a week in the house of God to help you be all that God wants you to be. And in our church, we have a 1:00 PM and a 7:00 PM option to fit everyone’s schedule. Recently on a Wednesday night, we had a Missionary, Keith Drinkard, with us who is going to plant a church in a needy suburb of Kansas City. He had an incredible sermon on the power of God being experienced in and through our lives that any and every believer could have benefitted from personally. The power of God is what we all need in order to do the work of God without becoming burned out or overwhelmed. The power of God is what we need in our lives to face the temptations of life with confidence resulting in victory instead of choosing sin. It is the power of God that is going to help us have peace in turmoil, respond with grace in persecution, or to have hope in times of distress. The power of God is what we all need in our lives if we are going to impact the eternity in the lives of others. Either in soul winning with the lost or sanctification for the believers, it is the power of God working through us that helps our effort of reaching out to others be effective. It was an absolutely wonderful, biblical message that every believer needs to be reminded of on a regular basis. The power of God is essential for us to be faithful to the Lord until He returns for us. It is also essential if we are going to hear the words “well done thou good and faithful servant” by our Lord in Heaven. God’s power is only accessed by praying in faith and praising the Lord just as we see Paul and Silas doing in Philippi after being beaten and imprisoned for being witnesses of Jesus. And these are both things we do in both of our PM worship services. On Sunday and Wednesday nights we spend time in our worship in praising God for His goodness and praying for God’s provision believing in God to work His will out in each situation. We need to do the action of praying and praising personally and corporately if we are going to experience the reality of the power of God in our individual lives and in our church.