“Church God’s Way”

As we wrap up our sermon series “Anchored in His Word”, continuing in our Anchored theme from Hebrews 6:19, we are beginning our next series “Anchored in His Church.” The first step in being Anchored in life is being “Anchored in Christ” through faith in Him as personal Saviour which we studied in our earlier series. When we put our faith in Him to cleanse us of our sins, He becomes the anchor of our soul and our constant source of hope. However, that relationship and understanding needs to grow over time so we can enjoy the rich reality of peace and confidence that hope can offer us in our relationship with Christ. If our life is going to truly be rooted and built up on Christ as the anchor of our soul, we need to be anchored in His Word as well. As I have stated repeatedly in this series “the best life that anyone can live is to live life God’s way according to His Word”. However, to live according to His Word, we must first know what He has to say about living life in His Word. Therefore, we must read it, study it, be taught it, memorize it, and meditate on it. This is part of God’s purpose for His church being established here on earth. In order for any church to be Biblical, it must meet the description of what a church is found in Scripture. Two of the things found in Scripture as to the purpose and function of a Biblical church is the proclamation of the Gospel (evangelization) and the preaching and teaching of the Scripture to believers (edification of the saints). God’s plan is for His children to be part of a Biblical church in their local area to use their gifts in service and ministry to advance His kingdom work here on earth and fulfill His Great Commission in the proclamation of the Gospel message unto global evangelization. God never wants His children to just live as mavericks on their own, doing their own thing, their own way. He wants His children to be under the authority of and in the protection of one of His churches in the care of one of His shepherds. To help your church be a Biblical church you need to be a saved, baptized, obedient member of that church and use your gifts and abilities to help that church be and do what God says in His Word. As we go through this series, I want to challenge us all to ask ourselves this question, “Am I doing my part to make this church of the Lord more Biblical or less Biblical?” We will examine what God’s Word says about is to be true about a Biblical church as so we can make sure we each are doing our part to help make it what is should be for God’s glory here on earth. I hope you will do your part and be engaged in this study and in this church being all that God wants it to be.