Teen Camp

Speaker is Pastor John Anderson. We will depart La Grande at 11:00 am on the 26th. Expected arrival time in La Grande is noon on the 30th.

Crown College West Trio

The college students will be ministering during the Wednesday evening service. Teens and Young Adults are invited to join the group for dinner at 6:00 for a small cost of $3.00 per person.

Independence Day Parade and Picnic

Signup sheet available in the church auditorium. Please sign up there or by calling the church office so there is enough for everyone. Burger patties, hot dogs, buns, condiments and drinks will be provided. Games will be available for those interested…play some mush ball (a sqishy ball used; played like baseball), or maybe a lawn…

Junior High In-N-Out Event

YOU have just completed the 6th, 7th or 8th grade and you are ready for an adventure. You are invited to join us for an amazing day in God’s creation on a breath-taking adventure hiking rugged trails, scrambling across rocks, experiencing the thrill of a natural water-slide, and much more. Permission slips are required. Everyone will…

Vacation Bible School

For children 4 yrs thru completed 6th grade Call 541-534-9155 for more information

Junior Camp

$145 per person Scholarship available for 1/2 the funds Start earning on April 30

Teen Water Wars

Water flying like acid in the depth of war, and teams of troops advancing forward holding their balloons ready to engage. I give you the 2017 Water Wars.

Mission Trip 2017

We will be serving along side Bro Glen Hohman in Herrah, WA. Still working to finalize the dates. For more information, please contact Pastor Frank or the church office.