“Choose You This Day Whom Ye Will Serve” Joshua 24:15

Life is often what you make of it. Life is made up of the choices we make, the action we take, and the things we believe. Many of our problems in life are because of our own choices, habits, or decisions. One thing leads to another and we discover we are in a difficult situation because of something we did earlier in life that got us to this place. Even with the things that happen to us, this is true as well. We cannot control everything others do that impacts our lives, but we can decide how we will respond to it and how we will allow it to affect our lives. In living life God’s way, this reality is very important. We decide how we will let things influence us and we decide how we influence those around us. God’s call to us, desire for us, and will for our lives is to live differently from the world in such a dramatic fashion that people cannot help but see it and be impacted by it. God does not want us to go our own way and He does not want us to be shaped by our culture or society. He wants us to live counter to the culture, glorifying to Him instead of the evil of this world, and to live in His power above our own nature. We need to also realize that we are not only accountable to God for our own decisions, but we are also accountable for the influence of our decisions on others as well. According to Matthew 18:7 and Romans 14:13-23, we are warned to make sure our influence does not lead others to stumble spiritually, morally, or in any other way. If we are going to make right choices, then we need right data to base that decision upon. God’s Word gives us the best information and truthful data in order to make our best choices in regards to living life. Joshua challenged the people of his day just as he challenges each of us here today. He declares clearly and emphatically the choice he is making about how he is going to live life and he call us to make our own decision. However, we must remember Ecclesiastes 12:13-14 says that though we do have the ability to make our own choice on living life, we will also be held accountable for the choices that we make and the impact of those choices.