Celebrating Christ Building His Church Here

Since the beginning of the Lord establishing His first church here on this earth, His plan, purpose, and priority for His church has been clearly displayed and stated in Scripture. For sixty-three years His church in this place has been seeking to obediently carry out our Lord’s will for His churches. For all these years, each week the Word of God has been declared by various pastors and teachers with different personalities, methods, and styles. And as a result, over the years hundreds of people have been born into the family of God by faith in Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour for the forgiveness of their sins. Fruit from His church here in the place is currently being used to His will and work here today and in many places all around the world. Over the years, many young people have left this place to go do the work of ministry in other places and some are still serving here to God’s glory. Just in the past few months, God has used His church here to minister to widows and fatherless children, spread the gospel at home and abroad, and to support and encourage missionaries. Church family worship has taken place, fellowship has been offered, and relationship building opportunities have been made available. As a church, special services and small group Bible studies have been organized and taken part in by those who chose to do so. As a result of obedience to the Lord’s stated purpose, plan, and priority for His church, the Lord has added to His church here with souls saved, believers following their Saviour’s command to be baptized, believers making evident growth in their personal walk in holiness with their Lord, and visitors attending many services. I am thankful for each person who is faithfully yielding to the Lord to be a tool in His hand to be used to build His church according to His will and in His power. As a church family, we need to be united in our commitment to be faithful to our Lord and Saviour until He returns to take us home to be with Him eternally. We need to be faithfully obedient to His stated will to His followers to “occupy” till He comes again. We need to be preoccupied not with our own interests and pursuits, but with doing His will here on earth as His church in this place for His glory. I am excited to see what God has planned for us in the days ahead as we let Him keep building His church according to His will as we are obedient to Him.