Blog Wed. 1/31/2018 Cultural Adventure

We have discovered that Google has an amazing feature, Google Translator. This was done with Bro. Jellison’s phone. Unfortunately our phones don’t work outside of a Wi-Fi connection. That has made things a bit more challenging.

Food is always an adventure. Missy Jellison was showing me some products that are good. I had to take pics so I could find them in the store. Anyone want an Egg Chicken McMuffin for breakfast? I tried that during out weekly ministry meeting. It was really good, just a little weird. Of course, if you are thirsty there are vending machines everywhere. There is one right across the street from our house, almost every corner and even on the edge of farmers fields.

The bathrooms are just funny, especially when they have directions on how to use them.

Laundry is an adventure too. I am very thankful we have a washing machine in the house. Since electricity is expensive most houses do not have dryers, ours is no exception. I try to do a load a day, so things have time to dry before we need them again.

Well of course there is always the unexpected. On our way to one of the bases we came across a man walking his bull down the busy road. Always an adventure.