Blog January 24th

It has been an auctioned packed week. We headed out a week ago today. The space available flight leaving on Jan.18, was projected to have zero seats. However God blessed and all 34 space A passengers were able to get on the flight. God is so good, we got in the first class section. Total trip time from leaving SeaTac to arrival at Kadena Airbase Okinawa Japan was 26 ½ hrs. With the long flight and 17 hour time change we were exhaust.

Saturday was our first full day on the island. The kids and I accompanied Missy Jellison to a ladies gathering on Camp Kinser. It gave me a chance to meet some of the military wives. Meanwhile, John and Bro Jellison met two marines out in front of our apartment and were able to share the Gospel with them. Both of the young men accepted Christ as their Savior.

Sunday morning we had church services at North Shore Baptist church. John led the singing, I played the piano and Bro Jellison preached. There were a several couples there and a individual marine.

That afternoon, we all went down to the American village. It is about 25 km away. It is a spot with restaurants and shops, that the marines like to frequent. Our goal was to meet and invite as many military people to church. However, not too many military were out, possible because it was in between pay days or because of the government shut down. Between the Jellisons and us were able make 50 contacts in 1 ½ hours.

After we went and had some frozen yogurt. I really like the green tea kind.