Being the Church God Desires Us to Be

Churches have all kinds of different names. Many churches go by the name of their denominational brand. I do not want this church to be known by anything more than being what God wants His church to be. We need to be ever mindful of the fact that any true church is a Biblical church belonging to Jesus and is not our own. There are far too many churches today that have forsaken the authority of the Bible and replaced the headship of Christ with the demands of society and culture; therefore, by definition they are no longer truly a church in any since of the word. A church needs to be defined by God’s Word, not our ideologies. Its purpose and beliefs need to be defined by God and His Word not by boards or consulting firms. Today, we are looking at two consecutive chapters in the Bible that are written to bodies of believers in two different cities. In fact, the book of Romans was written by the Apostle Paul from the city of Corinth. There are some very important truths we need to learn from these two epistles to these two churches that can help us be the kind of church that will honor our Lord and bring glory to our God. There are somethings about a church that are adjustable and still be a biblical church that is godly and under Christ as the head. However, there are several things that if you change them you are no longer truly a church. I personally never want this church to cross that line. I never want this church to become not truly a church. I never want us to not be under the headship of Christ, the authority of the Bible, or the empowerment of the Holy Spirit. The church is the people that make it up, not the building that houses it. The church’s obedience to God and blessing from God is dependent on all of the believers in it, not just the leadership. The church’s holiness, testimony, and empowerment from on high is up to each person being in a right relationship with our God in Christ.