Anchored in Christ Functionally

Being in Christ has many varying and vital realities of which each is significantly beneficial to every child of God. Being in Christ is a wonderful relational reality in the fact that we are united with Him in relationship in God’s family. This is how we are “joint heirs with Christ”, as stated in Romans 8:17, which is significant to our relationship in God’s family now and our eternal inheritance in Heaven with God’s family. There is also a positional reality to being in Christ in the fact that we have a standing with God by being in Christ. We are fully accepted by God, right with God, able to be blessed by God, able to glorify God, declared justified and righteous by God; all of which is possible only by being in Christ. There is also a possessional dimension to this theology of being in Christ, as well as in the fact that we have something that belongs to us. Being in Christ gives us a home in Heaven as an irrevocable trust that belongs to us because of being in Christ. We also possess the Holy Spirit in the fact that He lives in every child of God, and we belong to Him in the fact that He works in our lives with conviction, empowerment, wisdom, and enlightenment to understand God’s Word and God’s will. There is also a functional aspect of this theological truth that we need to understand and experience. There is a practical purpose that God has planned for all those who are in Christ, as well. There are some things God wants us to do with and because of being in Christ. Which is what we are supposed to be engaged in faithfully as we live life here on earth before we go to our eternal possession in Heaven. God wants us to be serving Him as a living sacrifice. He wants us to be exercising the spiritual gifts that we have because of the Holy Spirit living within us because of being in Christ. He has also given us the duty, privilege, responsibility, and pleasure of being His ambassadors, witnesses, and ministers of reconciliation to those who are not in Christ, so they too can enjoy all of the benefits we enjoy by being in Christ through faith in Him as our personal Saviour.