Anchored in Christ Eternally

God has given us such a wonderful treasure in His eternal, infallible, inspired Word. Every blood-washed believer in Jesus Christ should cherish God’s Word and make it their personal habit to learn from daily and let others teach them from it regularly through the week. Here at Summerville Baptist Church, we have people gathering to spend time in God’s Word several times throughout the week. I wish to encourage everyone here to make sure they take part in as many times to be under the teaching of God’s Word as they are able each week. As pastor of this church of Jesus Christ, I am personally thankful for every believer that spends time in God’s Word personally on a daily basis. God teaches us all wonderful truths in His Word each time we quiet ourselves before Him and listen to what He has to tell us from His Word. One of the great doctrinal truths of Scripture is the concept of being in Christ and having God’s Spirit live in us. These are New Testament realities that Old Testament saints never were able to experience like believers in Jesus Christ are able to this side of the cross and empty tomb. As we continue in our study of this theme “Anchored” and examine what we possess by being “Anchored in Christ,” I pray that God will stir your heart and ignite your passion to appreciate and enjoy the wonder of being “in Christ” as the Bible teaches. This doctrinal truth should cause every believer to be thankful for the wonderful gift of being “in Christ” and able to rest in Him for our righteousness and our standing with God. As we saw in Psalm 130 this past Wednesday in our 1PM & 7PM Bible Study, these truths should cause us to honor, adore, appreciate, and serve Him while we are here on earth because of all that He has made possible for us eternally in Heaven with Him. I hope you grow with us this morning and tonight as we examine further the truths on being “in Christ.”