AM: What will you do with the rest of your days (life)?

Brother Greg Adams, former youth pastor and speaker for Bridge City Ministries speaking on the family and life.

Text: Mark 8:34-38

What will you accomplish with your life?  We only have one chance to accomplish anything.

  1. Cannot split our lives
    1. Pleasing God or Pleasing self
      1. James – no man can serve 2 masters.
  2. To keep your life is to lose it
    1. Deny self – Luke 15; I Cor 6:19
    2. God weeds out the sin and sinner – Matthew 15:13
    3. God wants to bless us – Psalm 37
  3. To give your life is to gain it  V. 35
    1. We will be rewarded in this life as well as in eternity – Mark 10:29-31
    2. What are we holding on to? – Romans 12:1,2; I Peter 4:1,2


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