2018 Anchored Hebrews 6:19

I hope that you find yourself enjoying God’s peace in your life by being still in His presence more right now than you did a year ago. I trust that our year long journey focusing on “Peace, Be Still” has helped you grow in your intimate fellowship with the Lord. Knowing God more deeply and accurately through your time in His Word and worship helps His children trust Him more fully. As we trust Him more, we experience more peace because we are depending on Him more than on ourselves or on other people. God’s peace active in our lives is the result of our faith being activated on Him more. This year I wish to build on that thought of being still in the Lord and resting in His sufficiency. As we enjoy His peace, we will focus on being anchored in Christ, His Word, His Church, and His Calling. We have an anchor of our souls which in sure and steadfast in the Lord Jesus Christ as our Saviour, Redeemer, and Hope. When we anchor ourselves in the Lord by faith for our Salvation and forgiveness of sins, we can find hope, peace, and joy in Him always and forever. When we put our faith in the Lord, we have security and stability in life that gives us the hope, peace, and even purpose in life that the world cannot offer to anyone. Just think about the people in your life that do not know the Lord. They do not have the capacity or opportunity to experience what any and every believer in Jesus Christ can enjoy if they will allow themselves to do so by just practicing the way of living God outlines in His Word. In order to be firmly anchored in the Lord to gain all of the benefit we have in Him, we must anchor ourselves in His Word so we know Him deeply and know we can trust Him fully. When we know Him like this by being anchored in Him and His Word, then we will instinctively anchor ourselves in one of His churches here on earth and be actively engaged in obeying His calling on our lives as His followers. This is what Jesus paid for each of us on the cross. This is what God desires for each person created in His image to enter into with Him as their Father. This is the Christian life that the Bible defines and delineates clearly throughout. However, sadly, this is not what far too many people who identify themselves as Christians are taking part in today. The average person is churches today has settled for an experience they call faith that is far inferior to what they could have in Christ. The question for us all is what are we taking part in? Is it what God desires for us or is it some lesser thing that we have allowed ourselves to believe is as good as it gets. Friend, do not cheat yourself from enjoying all that God wants for your life. Do not steal from God the glory He deserves in your life. And do not settle for less than what Jesus paid for on the cross.